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Russia's Spektr-R Space Telescope Stops Responding To Earth's Command

Russia’s only space radio telescope Spektr-R (RadioAstron) is not responding to commands from Earth, according to Roscosmos adviser Alexander Bloshenko. The warranty period of the telescope's active operation elapsed in 2014.

Space January 13, 2019

NASA Reschedules James Webb Space Telescope Launch To 2021

NASA announced that the launch of James Webb Space Telescope will happen in March 2021. What influenced the decision of the space agency to push back the observatory's launch for the second time this year?

Space June 30, 2018

James Webb Space Telescope Suffers Another Mechanical Snag During Test

NASA said this is not the first time that the James Webb Space Telescope encountered mechanical problems. The American space agency assured that these events will not affect the space telescope’s launch to space in 2020.

Space May 5, 2018

MSU Astronomers Dedicate Discovery Of New Black Hole To Stephen Hawking

Astronomers using the MASTER Global Robotic Net telescopes have detected a gamma-ray burst indicating the formation a new black hole. They dedicated the report of their discovery to the Lord of Black Holes, Stephen Hawking.

Space March 23, 2018

China Wants To Send An X-Ray Telescope In Space: Prototype Ready By 2022, Launch Planned For 2025

In an effort to lead the space race, China has announced that it’s going to launch an X-ray into space. It’s called the eXTP, and it might be up there as early as 2025.

Space March 9, 2018

Trump's New NASA Budget Could Cancel Important Telescope Project That Can Solve Dark Matter Mystery

The new budget for the fiscal year 2019 for NASA was released on Monday, Feb 12. It could be detrimental for the WFIRST project that aims to study dark energy.

Space February 13, 2018

NASA James Webb Space Telescope Out Of Cryogenic Testing Chamber

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is ready to undergo the next round of testing. It recently completed a hundred day test in a vacuum chamber at the Johnson Space Center.

Space December 5, 2017

Hubble Photograph Shows Collision Of Two Galaxies 1 Billion Light Years Away

Using its Advanced Camera for Surveys, the Hubble Space Telescope captured two galaxies destructively colliding into each other. What caused the two galaxies to merge into one?

Space January 11, 2017

NASA Spitzer, Swift Space Telescopes Pinpoint Location Of Elusive Brown Dwarf

A microlensing event on space tracked by NASA's Spitzer and Swift space telescopes led to the discovery of a brown dwarf planet. Microlensing lights up a distant star due to the gravitational pull of a cosmic object nearby and is useful in tracking low-mass bodies that orbit stars.

Space November 17, 2016

Project Blue Kickstarter Launched: Campaign To Photograph Earth-Like Planets Around Alpha Centauri Star System Begins

Project Blue is taking a major step toward achieving its goals by launching a Kickstarter campaign. The group is turning to crowdfunding to turn its aim of spotting an Earth-like planet around Alpha Centauri into reality.

Space November 16, 2016

Space Exploration Company Planetary Resources Cancels 'Space Selfie' Kickstarter-Backed Project

American space company Planetary Resources has announced that it will no longer continue its planned Arkyd telescope project, which would have allowed backers to take selfies against the backdrop of space. It is now pursuing more practical business applications.

Space May 28, 2016

View The James Webb Space Telescope - The Successor To Hubble

The 18-mirror main reflector of the James Webb Telescope was revealed for the first time since construction on the network of mirrors was completed. Why are astronomers so excited about this upcoming space-based observatory?

Space April 28, 2016

Hubble 25-Years-Old But Still Powerful: Experts Look Back At Historical Moments

Hubble about to complete 25 years in the space. The space telescope has helped scientists uncover many mysteries of the space over the last two decades.

Space April 22, 2015

Hubble Successor JWST Still On Track For 2018, Says NASA

The James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope, is on track for a 2018 launch. The JWST, which is named after former NASA administrator James Webb, is the most powerful telescope ever built.

Space March 31, 2015

PLATO satellite will find earth-like planets but you'll have to wait for 10 years

PLATO, a new space observatory will use 34 telescopes to hunt for Earth-like planets far from our home world. What else will the telescope network see on distant stars?

Space February 23, 2014

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