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Highly Hazardous Katla Volcano In Iceland Ready To Erupt

The Katla volcano in Iceland is preparing to erupt for the first time since 1918. Scientists are concerned that an explosion of the highly hazardous volcano will be worse than the Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption in 2010.

Earth/Environment September 24, 2018

Is A Supervolcano Forming Under New England? Rising Mass Of Warm Rock Discovered Under Vermont, New Hampshire, And Massachusetts

Researchers discovered a mass of warm rock welling up under Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and possibly other regions. Will this alter New England's geography and create a powerful volcano?

Earth/Environment June 26, 2018

How Did Life Begin On Earth? New Study Thinks Volcanoes Might Have Helped

Massive amounts of sulfites and bisulfites in lakes during the Earth’s early years may have helped set the stage for the planet’s early prebiotic milieu.

Earth/Environment April 11, 2018

Mordor Under The Sea: Hidden Volcanic Landscape In Australia Looks Straight Out Of Tolkien Books

An underwater landscape in Australia is reminiscent of Mordor in J.R.R. Tolkien's novels. Such hidden underwater landscapes have been difficult to study before because of their inaccessibility.

Earth/Environment January 21, 2018

Italy’s Mount Etna Erupts Anew: Ash Clouds Changing Weather And Travel Plans

Italy’s Mount Etna has emitted a mass of lava and ash clouds, calling the attention of authorities as well as alarming holiday travelers.

Earth/Environment March 7, 2017

Did Volcanoes On The Moon Shift The Lunar Axis?

Volcanoes on the ancient lunar surface may have been the driving force behind a shift in the axis of the moon. How could this happen?

Space March 23, 2016

Drone Films World's Largest Lava Lake Inside Active Volcano In Congo

Adventurous photographer Bradley Ambrose successfully flew a drone over an active volcano in Congo. The images featured the largest lava lake in the world, making them absolutely breathtaking.

Animals February 27, 2016

Volcanoes Played A Lesser Role In Dinosaur Extinction Than Previously Thought

Scientists have long thought that volcanoes played a large part in gas and particle emissions, which drastically changed the Earth's atmosphere and killed off any remaining dinosaurs — but a team of researchers at the University of Leeds is saying otherwise.

Animals November 23, 2015

Looking For The World's Longest Chain Of Continental Volcanoes? Head Down Under

A hotspot beneath Earth's mantle created a chain of volcanoes as the continent of Australia moved across it over millions of years. The result is a 1,200-mile chain of volanoes -- the longest anywhere on the planet.

Animals September 15, 2015

Ancient Underwater Volcanoes Discovered Near The Australian Coast

Scientists have discovered a group of 50 million-year-old volcanoes that might explain the formation of New Zealand and the Australian continent.

Animals July 14, 2015

Scientists Discover Cluster Of 50-Million-Year-Old Volcanoes Off Sydney Coast

A cluster of volcanoes are said to provide insight into the split of Australia and New Zealand.

Earth/Environment July 14, 2015

Sinabung Volcano Alive With Activity, Forcing Indonesia To Evacuate Thousands Of Villagers

The Sinabung volcano in Indonesia is roaring to life once more. Thousands of villagers are being evacuated in response.

June 16, 2015

Sea Floor Volcanoes May Be Unseen, But They Are Affecting Global Climate

Volcanoes on the seafloor are influenced by - and alter - climate around the globe. What else plays a role in the process?

Animals February 6, 2015

NASA to Study Volcanoes with Little Robot Explorers

Robots used to explore volcanoes on Earth could lead to similar explorations on other planets or our moon, researchers at JPL say. Small VolcanoBots can explore small fissures to help understand how volcanoes erupt, they say.

Space January 13, 2015

Volcanoes Are Latest Suspect in Dinosaur Extinction

Dating of ancient giant lava flows yields new "suspect" in the hunt for the "dinosaur killing" event, study says. Volcanoes, not an asteroid impact, may have done them in, researchers say.

Animals December 12, 2014

Here's How Small Volcanoes Can Help Fight Global Warming

The global warming hiatus may be caused by small volcanic eruptions, but how serious is the effect?

Earth/Environment November 21, 2014

Possibility of Water in Mars' History Grows with Volcanic-Heating Theory

The martian surface may have once been flowing with liquid water, under an atmosphere contaminated by volcanoes on Mars.

Space November 18, 2014

New data suggests volcanoes on the moon were recent

Although scientists recently discovered that volcanic activity, and not asteroids, are responsible for the moon's unique shape and features, new data suggests that the moon's volcanic activity was also fairly recent.

Geek October 13, 2014

Iceland on 'orange' alert as volcano threatens to rock island and darken skies

Earthquakes, movement of magma suggest Icelandic volcano may be getting ready to erupt, experts say. Flooding, disruption of air traffic a possibility, officials warn.

Animals August 19, 2014

Jupiter moon Io gushes 'lava fountains' into space

Jupiter's moon Io is more volcanically active than previously thought and is spewing molten lava from mile-wide cracks in its surface that reach as high as a half-mile into the air.

Internet Culture August 8, 2014

Hellish volcanic eruptions veiled Jupiter moon Io in 'curtains of fire' in August 2013

Volcanoes on Io, one of the largest moons of Jupiter, erupted in curtains of flame, sending debris hundreds of miles in the air.

Space August 7, 2014

All hell breaks loose on Io as volcanoes erupt

Giant volcanic eruption on Jupiter's moon Io confirms it status as most volcanically active body in the solar system. Images show eruptions ejecting material hundreds of miles into space.

Space August 6, 2014

Volcanic plumbing of Mount Rainier mapped

The formation of magma and its rise to the surface were examined by a team of researchers at Mount Rainier.

Animals July 19, 2014

Scientists use ‘metal-detector’ instruments to trace activity of magma under Mount Rainier

Network of sensors yield underground 'X-ray' of volcanic plumbing under Washington's Mount Rainier. Study tracks magma from deep origins toward volcano's peak.

Animals July 17, 2014

Underwater volcano discovery in Hawaii challenges notion of O'ahu origin

The two volcanoes thought to have formed O'ahu may have stood on the shoulder of a third, underwater one, researches say. Discovery solves some puzzles of Hawaiian Islands formation.

Animals May 20, 2014

Underwater volcano discovery in Hawaii challenges notion of O'ahu origin

The two volcanoes thought to have formed O'ahu may have stood on the shoulder of a third, underwater one, researches say. Discovery solves some puzzles of Hawaiian Islands formation.

Animals May 20, 2014

Mount St. Helens is not about to erupt despite rise of magma levels

Despite a small build up of magma in Mount St. Helens, experts say an eruption is unlikely. However, scientists have also confirmed that the volcano is gradually growing.

Earth/Environment May 4, 2014

Hunt for shipwreck in Gulf leads to discovery of pair of rare tar volcanoes

Asphalt volcanoes have been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. They are not the strangest volcanoes on Earth.

Animals May 1, 2014

Peru's Ubinas volcano eruption gets worse: 4,000 people and 28,000 llamas and alpacas from evacuated from vicinity

People and livestock evacuated in surrounding regions as Peru's most active volcano still erupting. State of emergency declared by officials.

Animals April 21, 2014

Volcano swallows island near Japan

Niijima, a small volcanic island born just months ago, is swallowing it's larger companion island

Space April 8, 2014

Evidence of explosive volcanic activity on Mercury a surprise, may shed light on how the planet formed

Photos of Mercury from NASA space probe show surprising evidence of significant volcanic activity scientists say they didn't expect to find.

Space April 6, 2014

Famous paintings help global warming experts track climate change over the decades: Here's how

Painting from five centuries of artists is being examined for evidence of volcanic eruptions. What can that tell us about modern climate change?

Animals March 26, 2014

Volcano heat saved species from Ice Age death

Could volcanoes - usually the harbingers of death - be responsible for saving species from ice ages? A new study of lifeforms in Antarctica shows this may be the case.

Earth/Environment March 12, 2014

Volcanoes helping slow down global warming: Here's how

Global temperatures have risen much more slowly since 1998 than they have since 1970. Researchers believe volcanoes may be responsible. Why?

Animals February 25, 2014

Photosynthesis protein developed long before oxygen became available

Cyanobacteria living in oxygen-poor environments near underwater volcanoes and thermal vents reveal secrets of how their distant ancestors carried out respiration. Surprisingly, they used a protein essential for photosynthesis long before oxygen became available.

Animals February 10, 2014

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