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Toyota And Clemson Team Up For uBox, A Concept Car Perfect For The Generation Z

Toyota and Clemson University have unveiled their uBox concept, through the Deep Orange collaboration. This concept is specifically built for the next generation of car buyers, called Generation Z.

FUTURE TECH April 13, 2016

It's Not A Flying Saucer, It's Facebook Surround 360 Video Camera: Here's What It Can Do

Facebook has introduced its open-source 360-degree video camera system, the Facebook Surround 360. Here's what Surround 360 has to offer to developers and content creators.

Gadgets April 13, 2016

Big Day For Gamers: What To Expect From The Division Incursion Update And Destiny's April 12 Update

The release of the April updates for 'The Division' and 'Destiny' is just around the corner. Here's a roundup of what to expect from 'The Division' Incursion Update and 'Destiny' April 12 Update.

Video Games April 11, 2016

New Apple TV Ad Features Kobe Bryant And Michael B. Jordan

Apple has pushed out its newest Apple TV ad, featuring Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan. The ad highlights the device's nifty features, such as the Apple TV Siri Remote.

Gadgets April 11, 2016

Tablets Big And Powerful Enough To Replace Your Laptop (Or Not): Apple iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, Microsoft Surface Pro 4

If you are presently searching for a powerful tablet to snag in the market today, you can choose from these three: Apple's iPad Pro, Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S and Microsoft's Surface Pro 4. Can these 2-in-1 slates replace your laptop?

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 11, 2016

Amazon Tap Review Roundup: Alexa, Are You Listening?

Amazon has recently released its newest Bluetooth speaker, dubbed Amazon Tap. Reviews from experts are in, and here is the review roundup on what they think about this new device.

Gadgets April 9, 2016

Destiny April Update Promises PlayStation-Exclusive Gear: Zen Meteor Exotic Rifle, Velumbra Sparrow And New Armors

The 'Destiny' April update will be bringing in PlayStation-exclusive gear. Here are the new weapons and armors to snag by PS4 and PS3 gamers and here's how they are obtained.

Video Games April 9, 2016

Alphabet X Showcases New Bipedal Robot That Can Climb Stairs And Overcome Obstacles

Alphabet X recently showcased its bipedal robot, SCHAFT, in Tokyo. This robot has the capacity to climb stairs, balance, overcome obstacles and more.

FUTURE TECH April 9, 2016

Tesla Will Reportedly Unveil An Updated Model S: What We Know So Far

Word has it that Tesla is going to unwrap its updated Model S, which comes with amped up features and an increased price tag. Here's what we know so far.

April 9, 2016

BMW ReachNow vs. Daimler Car2Go: How These Car-Sharing Services Work And Price Comparison

BMW has rolled out ReachNow, its car-sharing service aimed to take on Daimler's Car2Go. Here's how these services work and how their prices compare.

Business April 9, 2016

Deported Migrants From Greece Arrive In Turkey, Pope Francis Set To Visit Lesvos

A group of deported immigrants have already arrived in Turkey from Greece. Meanwhile, Pope Francis is set to pay a visit to Lesvos in Greece next week to meet refugees in the place.

Society April 9, 2016

Ubisoft Swings Ban Hammer: How To Report 'The Division' Cheaters

Ubisoft will soon begin permanently banning 'The Division' cheaters. Here's how to report the cheaters and when one can report untoward behaviors from within the game.

Video Games April 8, 2016

‘Fallout 4’ Wins Best Game At BAFTA Games Awards: Here's A Complete List Of Winners

This year, Bethesda's 'Fallout 4' is deemed the best game during the BAFTA Games Awards 2016. Here is a complete list of winners in different categories.

Video Games April 8, 2016

Microsoft Awards $13,000 To Security Consultant For Finding Critical Authentication Flaw

Microsoft has given a $13,000 reward to a security researcher based in the United Kingdom for uncovering a critical authentication flaw. The awarded money is part of the company's bug bounty program.

Internet April 8, 2016

Meizu M3 Note Officially Unveiled: Aluminum Unibody, Octa-Core Chip, 5.5-Inch Display

Meizu has finally unwrapped its newest smartphone, the M3 Note. The phone is loaded with solid specs and feaures, including an aluminum unibody, octa-core chip, 5.5-inch display and more.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 7, 2016

New HTC 10 Teaser Claims It Will Have The Best Camera For Shooting Photos And Videos

HTC has pushed out its new HTC 10 teaser. The video claims that the upcoming smartphone will feature the best camera for shooting photos and videos.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 7, 2016

Google Open Sources WALT Latency Timer: You Can Now Check Your Android Smartphone's Lag

Google has open sourced WALT Latency Timer specifically for developers. This tool can be used to check touch and audio latencies, for instance, of an Android smartphone.

Apps/Software April 7, 2016

Live VR Made Simple: VideoStitch Unwraps Orah 4i, A 360-Degree 4K Streaming Camera

VideoStitch has unveiled its 360-degree 4K streaming camera, dubbed Orah 4i. The company considers the device as the very first all-in-one VR camera. Here are the expected camera features.

Gadgets April 7, 2016

Microsoft May Release Three Variants Of Surface Phone In 2017

A report has emerged claiming that Microsoft may be readying three variants of its Surface Phone that could come out in early 2017. These Surface phone models are aimed at different pricing tiers and markets.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 7, 2016

The Division General Assembly Glitch: Shortcut Allows You To Farm Purple Drops In Half The Time

A new 'The Division' General Assembly glitch has been uncovered. This exploit allows gamers to glide through the first half of the mission, bringing them to the second portion that's packed with a slew of purple drops.

Video Games April 6, 2016

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