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Twins Erin And Abby Delaney, Who Were Formerly Conjoined At The Head, Thriving After Separation Surgery

Despite medical advances, the risks of complications are still high when it comes to the separation of conjoined twins. A set of twin girls who were joined at the cranium survived the surgery, and are now thriving 2-year-olds.

Feature | Health January 25, 2019

First Known Case Of Conjoined Twin Deer Found In Minnesota Forest

Scientists are studying the first known case of a two-headed deer in its species. The twin fawns were already dead when they were found in a forest in Minnesota two years ago.

Animals May 14, 2018

1 Of Formerly Conjoined Identical Twins Finally Gets To Go Home From Texas Hospital

The Richards family can finally bring Anna Grace home after 428 days of being in the hospital. Her formerly conjoined twin, Hope Elizabeth, is expected to go home soon as well.

Medicine March 10, 2018

Conjoined Toddler Twin Girls Successfully Separated At Houston Hospital

A 75-member medical team has successfully separated a pair of conjoined twins. The twins, who are toddler girls, were operated at the Texas Children's Hospital.

Public Health February 15, 2018

Formerly Conjoined Twins Doing 'Fantastic' 4 Months After Surgery To Separate Them

Erin and Abby Delaney, former conjoined twins who were connected at the head, are recovering well from the 11-hour surgery that separated them in June. The sisters will be back home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their parents.

Medicine October 23, 2017

World's First Two-Headed Porpoise Found Off The Coast Of Netherlands

A two-headed porpoise has been discovered off the coast of the Netherlands. This represents the world's first discovery of such a specimen.

Animals June 14, 2017

At Age 16, Conjoined Twins In Connecticut Thrive And Likely Won't Get Surgery

Carmen and Lupita Andrade are among the very few conjoined twins in the United States today. Find out how they thrive at age 16, and how the surgery of Lupita's scoliosis - a highly risky procedure - fits into their future plans.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 25, 2017

Conjoined Twins In Mexico With One Body, Two Separate Heads Die Prior To Any Treatment

The conjoined twins in Mexico who were born sharing the same body but having separate heads and brains have died. A video of the twins was earlier posted on YouTube.

Feature | Health January 11, 2017

Formerly Conjoined Twins Set For Fastest Recovery From Surgery To Separate Connected Heads

Brothers Jadon and Anias McDonald are on a pace for the fastest recovery for craniopagus surgery. The formerly conjoined twins are set to be moved to a rehab facility six weeks after the procedure that separated their heads.

Medicine November 23, 2016

Bundle Of Cuteness: Mom Cradles Separated Twin For First Time A Week After 27-Hour Surgery

Nicole McDonald, mother of the conjoined twins who underwent a separation surgery, has held one of her sons. The touching moment happened one week after the operation was performed.

Public Health October 24, 2016

And Then There Were Two: Rare Surgery Successfully Separates Conjoined Twins

Anias and Jadon McDonald are twins conjoined at the head, a condition so rare that it happens one in a million. On Oct. 14 they were separated after a nearly day-long operation at a New York children’s hospital.

Life & Style October 15, 2016

Doctors Successfully Separate Conjoined Twins In Texas

Doctors were able to successfully perform surgery to separate conjoined twins from Texas. The babies are now out of surgery and doing well.

Life April 14, 2016

Eight-Day Old Conjoined Twins In Switzerland Become Youngest Ever Pair To Be Successfully Separated

Swiss doctors successfully separated eight-day old conjoined twins Lydia and Maya, who were born two months premature and conjoined at the chest and liver. The identical twins were the youngest pair to undergo such operation.

Life February 1, 2016

Formerly Conjoined Twin Goes Home After More Than A Year In Hospital Treatment

More than a year after being in treatment, a formerly conjoined twin is welcomed home by his family in Florida. The baby’s twin brother will remain at the hospital.

Society January 22, 2016

Formerly Conjoined Twin Sisters Visit Doctors, Nurses Who Helped In Landmark Operation 13 Years Ago

After 13 years, Josie and Teresita returned to Mattel Children's Hospital to decorate the rooms of patients who will spend the holidays at the hospital. The twins survived a 23-hour operation in 2002 that separated them and helped them live separate but connected lives.

Life December 18, 2015

CT Imaging, 3D Printing Helped Doctors Separate Conjoined Twins In 26-Hour Surgery

Through the use of 3D printing technology and CT imaging, specialists at Texas Children’s Hospital successfully prepared for a risky surgical procedure involving conjoined twins Faith and Hope Mata. Doctors have separated the two children without risking the life of the other.

December 6, 2015

Newborn Twins Conjoined At Liver And Heart Fight For Their Lives

Twin sons of Brittany Crafton are currently fighting for their lives after being delivered conjoined at the heart and liver. Doctors from Children's Hospital of Georgia are hopeful that the pair will have a good chance for survival because of the special cardiac anatomical structure of the boys' heart.

Life November 11, 2015

Minnesota Mom Believes In 'Power Of Prayer' As One Conjoined Twin Dies, Another In Critical Condition

One of Amber McCullough's conjoined twins died after a five-hour separation procedure. The mother from Hastings, Minnesota, has asked the public to pray for the surviving twin, who is in critical but stable condition.

Life August 30, 2015

Minnesota Mom Gives Birth To Conjoined Twins But One Did Not Survive

Amber McCullough decided not to give up on her girls after she found out she was having conjoined twins, delivering Olivia and Hannah via C-section at the Colorado Children’s Hospital.

Life August 29, 2015

Houston Doctors Perform Marathon Surgery To Separate Conjoined Twins

Doctors in Houston successfully perform a delicate yet pioneering surgery to separate the 10-month-old conjoined twins Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata.

Internet Culture February 24, 2015

Rare Conjoined Twins Die at Atlanta Hospital Soon after Birth, Parents Announce in Heartbreaking Video

Conjoined twin boys born in an Atlanta hospital died one day after their birth. Problems with their shared heart could not be overcome, doctors say.

Life December 7, 2014

Conjoined Twins Born in Atlanta Hospital Share Heart, Torso, Arms, Legs

Conjoined twin boys born in Atlanta hospital who share a heart cannot be separated, doctors say. The twins' page has been followed by thousands on a family Facebook page.

Life December 4, 2014

Texas Tech students design clothes for Lubbock conjoined twins

Texas Tech University students design custom outfits for Lubbock conjoined twins. The students have also made a christening gown from scratch for the twins.

Life September 6, 2014

Discovery of two-headed dolphin in Turkey baffles boffins

A two-headed dolphin washed up on the shores of a city in Turkey, surprising everyone.

August 14, 2014

Once conjoined twins living separate lives for 10 years

On August 4, 2003, doctors at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore Medical Center successfully separated Carl and Clarence Aguirre who were born sharing the same head.

Life August 4, 2014

Why the Pennsylvania parents decide to keep conjoined twins unseparated

Michelle Van Horne and Kody Stancombe decided not to take chances to surgically separate their conjoined twins because of risks that could cost the twin's lives.

Life April 28, 2014

Separated conjoined twins heads home from Dallas hospital

Owen and Emmett Ezell who shared the same liver and intestines before their surgery are set to be released from the Medical City Children's Hospital following steady improvements in their condition.

Life April 16, 2014

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