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The Hidden Oceans Of Jupiter’s Moon Europa Found Containing Basic Table Salt

Table salt has been unearthed in an alien landscape. Scientists found that sodium chloride is present on the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa, suggesting that the moon's oceans could be very similar to Earth's.

Space June 14, 2019

2-Billion-Year-Old Salt Rock Sheds Light On Rise Of Oxygen In Earth's Atmosphere During The Great Oxidation Event

Was the escalation of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere a gradual or rapid process? Crystallized salt rocks extracted from a deep hole in Russia shed light on how oxygen appeared during the Great Oxidation Event 2.3 billion years ago.

Earth/Environment March 25, 2018

Chinese Ready Meals Should Come With Health Warnings About Their Salt Content: Campaign Group

One of the Chinese takeaway dishes analyzed by the campaign group Action on Salt contains five times the amount of salt present in McDonald’s Big Mac. Here's why this amount of salt in food could be dangerous to one's health.

Public Health March 13, 2018

Salts On Mars Could Be Toxic To Human Explorers

Perchlorates, while instrumental in maintaining liquid water on Mars and serving as a potential electricity and energy source, can cause potential dangers to the well-being of future human colonizers on the Red Planet.

Space June 22, 2016

FDA Proposes Guidelines To Reduce Salt In Restaurants And Packaged Food

FDA has released a draft guidance to help lower salt content of food products commonly sold in U.S. restaurants and supermarkets. The proposal aims to decrease Americans' salt consumption and subsequently improve their health.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 2, 2016

High Sodium Intake Linked To Increased Heart Disease Risk In Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease

People with chronic kidney disease might want to start cutting down on salt. A new study linked high sodium intake with increased clinical cardiovascular disease risk.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 26, 2016

Low-Salt Diet Bad For Your Heart? Not So Fast!

Heart disease and stroke may be more common in people on a low-salt diet compared to those who consume moderate levels of sodium, according to a new study. However, this new idea is already generating controversy.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 22, 2016

South African Large Telescope Lives Up To Expectations: Scientist

SALT, one of the biggest telescopes in the world now found in South Africa, is proving its worth. So far, scientists have discovered the first white dwarf pulsar and an unusual black hole.

Space May 1, 2016

Electric Fork Shocks Tongue To Simulate Salty Flavor

For people who needs to limit their salt intake, a new fork can let them enjoy food with low salt content. The electric fork shocks the tongue to simulate salty flavor.

Life March 31, 2016

Too Much Salt In Diet Can Make Your Child Fat

Kids who eat too much salt in their diet are more likely to become overweight or obese, a new Australian study has found. Salt is typical in everyday foods such as cheese and bread, so regulation is a must, researchers said.

Life March 2, 2016

Foods Sold At High Street Markets Contain High Levels Of Salt: Study

Most of the food sold at high street market in the United Kingdom has been found to contain high levels of salt, a new report revealed. A health group is urging the Government to re-examine its salt regulation policies.

Life March 2, 2016

Judge Issues Order To Pause New York Salt Law

Court delays the implementation of New York City's Salt Law. The said law required food chains to place a salt shaker label beside food items on the menu that contain high salt.

Life March 1, 2016

High-Salt Diet Can Cause Damage To Your Liver

A high-salt diet may not only be bad for blood pressure. It may also cause damage to the liver too, according to a new study that showed eating too much salt has numerous negative effects to liver cells and function.

Life February 27, 2016

Jaq Is A Credit Card-Shaped Device That Can Charge Your Phone With Water

This new charging device fits in your pocket and uses salt water to produce energy. JAQ smartphone charge was presented in the recently concluded CES 2016.

Smartphones January 12, 2016

90 Percent Of Americans Consume Too Much Salt: What Are The Health Risks Of Eating Salty Food?

From processed foods you buy to the meal you eat in restaurants, salt is ubiquitous. You may not notice, but experts said too much intake of salty foods is harmful to your health.

Life January 8, 2016

Restricting Salt Intake May Harm Heart Failure Patients

Contrary to popular recommendation, low sodium intake may not be as beneficial for heart failure patients. Researchers of a new study did not find any evidence that reducing salt in diet can improve patient conditions.

Life December 29, 2015

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Hints Bright Spots On Dwarf Planet Ceres Likely Made Of Salt

Observations made by Dawn's Framing Camera suggest that the mysterious Ceres bright spots are primarily composed of hydrated magnesium sulfates. Also known as Epsom salt, this substance is used on Earth for treating a range of ailments.

Space December 10, 2015

Researchers Find Particles Of Plastic In Salt

A new study conducted by researchers at the State University of New York Fredonia has found that brands of sea salt sold in China contain high amounts of microplastics. This raises concerns about the potential effects of the synthetic material on human health.

November 6, 2015

Increased Salt Intake Could Raise Risk Of Obesity By 25 Percent

An increase of even one gram of salt to an individual's daily intake could increase obesity risk by as much as 25 percent, according to new research by scientists at Queen Mary University of London.

Life September 3, 2015

The Healthy Side To Sodium

Salt, while bad for your health if consumed in excess amounts, may have once had an ancient evolutionary health benefit, researchers find. It still has an ability to boost the immune system's response to infectious microbes, they say.

Life March 4, 2015

What Makes Us Thirsty? Researchers Isolate Responsible Brain Region

Thirst is controlled by regions in the brain that can be turned on using a laser, but how do they work?

Healthy Living/Wellness January 28, 2015

Pizza is Bad for Kids' Health: Here's Why

Teens and children eat pizza more often than adults but experts advise reducing kids' consumption of pizza because it could raise their risk for unwanted health conditions.

Life January 20, 2015

Is Salt Getting a Bad Rap for Nothing? Study Shows More Salt Isn't Harmful

Salt may not be as bad for the heart as once believed - what effect does it have on cardiovascular disease?

Life January 19, 2015

Chemistry Explains Why We Use Salt on Ice in Wintry Weather

It's January and we know what that means: cold and icy weather. Many of us, though, still take to the roads, but not before city and state officials lay down salt. But how exactly does that salt melt the ice?

Internet Culture January 9, 2015

Fast Food Then vs. Fast Food Now. Is There a Difference?

Burgers and fries are fast food staples. According to a study, these staples, along with other menu times have remained largely unchanged in the last 17 years.

Life January 2, 2015

What's Lesser Evil for Your Blood Pressure: Sugar or Salt?

A latest research suggest that cutting down on sugar can reduce the risks of high blood pressure and heart diseases. However, some scientists believe that levels of both sugar and salt should be maintained to avoid the risks of such medical conditions.

Life December 13, 2014

Helpless NASA watches Aral Sea dry up and nearly vanish: Blame it on the Kremlin

The Aral Sea was once the fourth largest in the world, but it has now nearly disappeared. What does the Kremlin have to do with the problem?

Earth/Environment October 5, 2014

Does salt cause high blood pressure? What you need to know about conflicting studies

Studies in the past have pointed salt as a culprit of high blood pressure, but a new study suggests there is not direct link in the complex relationship. The study comes after CDC warnings that American children are consuming too much salt.

Internet Culture September 11, 2014

American kids are getting high on salt and that is NOT GOOD: CDC

Sodium levels are too high in nine out of ten American children and teens, according to a new study. What is responsible for the problem?

Life September 11, 2014

Too much, too little sodium is bad for heart, so what’s the Goldilocks amount?

To eat salt or not to eat salt, that is the question. According to a new study, too much sodium and too little sodium both may lead to greater risk of cardiovascular risk.

Life August 14, 2014

Is salt good or bad for you? A new study has some controversial theories

A new study contradicts previous research about sodium intake by suggesting that adults who do not get enough salt in their diet may have an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Internet Culture August 14, 2014

Cheesecake Factory takes a prize but restaurant chain likely not thrilled about winning

Big calories, salt and sugar are why Cheesecake Factory entrees took three out of nine winning spots on an extreme food ranking. But the most unhealthy meal may be over at Red Robin, according to the list.

Life July 30, 2014

Salt reduction on the table for FDA. Current consumption at unhealthy levels, it says

FDA is currently preparing 'voluntary guidelines' in asking food companies and restaurants to cut back on the amount of salt they add to food. Several have already complied, such as Subway and ConAgra.

Life June 17, 2014

High blood pressure patients facing a double whammy: disease may ignite a salt craving

Salt can be a killer for those with high blood pressure and may be hard to battle given research that reveals the disease ignites a salt craving for those afflicted.

Life May 18, 2014

Too much or not enough? New study sheds light on salt consumption guidelines

A new Danish study has found that despite consuming more salt than is recommended, Americans are likely eating the ideal amount of sodium per day.

Life April 3, 2014

High intake of salt in obese teens causes cells to age faster: Study

A new research has linked salt intake and teen obesity. The findings should not be taken with a grain of salt.

Life March 21, 2014

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