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Premature 'Miracle Baby' Born On Cruise Ship Arrives Home

Home for Christmas. A premature one-and-a-half pound baby born onboard a Caribbean cruise makes it home to Utah from a hospital in Miami. University of Utah's Flight Med program transport Baby Haiden for free after hearing the family's story.

Life November 23, 2015

Howler Monkeys With Deeper Voices Have Smaller Testicles

Howler monkeys can never have it all. In a new study, researchers found that species with deeper and bigger voices have smaller testicles.

Animals October 24, 2015

Study: Voice-Activated Entertainment Systems Can Still Distract Drivers Long Enough To Crash

A new study reveals that it takes 27 seconds before a driver regains full alertness after using the vehicle’s voice-activated entertainment system. These include commanding the system to dial a number, changing music and sending SMS.

Society October 23, 2015

How Did Herding Spread In Ancient Africa? Clues Lie In Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel from ancient cattle suggests new ideas about human migration in Africa, a new study reveals.

March 10, 2015

Meet A3, New Software that can Kill Malware and Automatically Repair Damages

Advanced Adaptive Applications or A3 was developed by a team of computer scientists from the University of Utah. Eric Eide, the leader of research team, believes that the A3 could help consumer devices in the future.

Apps/Software November 18, 2014

Using hands-free device in cars dangerously distracting to drivers: Study

A new study found that using hands-free devices for cars may be more distracting than making a phone call on a standard smartphone. The findings contradict popular belief among drivers.

FUTURE TECH October 8, 2014

Superfast, quantum computers that don't overheat? University of Utah engineers make it possible

Quantum computers, thousands of times faster than modern technology, could be one step closer to reality, thanks to a new development from the University of Utah.

September 25, 2014

Discovery of hypervelocity star in solar system neighborhood may shed light on dark matter

A rare hypervelocity star has been discovered, and it is the second-brightest ever seen. Here is the story of how these strange objects are formed, and how this one was discovered.

Space May 11, 2014

Astronomers discover closest, second brightest hypervelocity star

The discovery of LAMOST-HVS1, the closest and the second brightest among the 20 “hypervelocity” stars found, could unlock the mystery behind the black hole and the dark matter.

Space May 11, 2014

'Chicken from Hell' dinosaur: Ten-foot bird-like, clawed creature that you can't BBQ

Scientists have discovered a new species of dinosaur unofficially called the “chicken from hell.” The new dinosaur is a large, feathered dinosaur that looks remarkably like a monster chicken.

Animals March 20, 2014

Utah families' worst nightmare is Thomas Lippert: Here's why

A fun DNA testing led to a shocking discovery for a family from Utah.

Society January 13, 2014

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