Elon Musk has expressed his opinion on Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin's ongoing dispute and lawsuit with NASA, especially as it has a moon contract as its central issue. The comment by Musk was unveiled via Kara Swisher's podcast, where the SpaceX CEO was a guest interviewee, something which he answered directly when asked. 

Elon Musk's Stand with Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, and NASA

Elon Musk Laughs at Blue Origin Meme About Project Jarvis
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It was known that the issue involves Musk's SpaceX and NASA, especially as it was awarded the Moon lander contract, which Bezos and Blue have also applied for and sent their prototype plans.

The Code 2021 conference in Los Angeles has Kara Swisher interviewing the SpaceX CEO, something in which he mentioned that Blue Origin "cannot sue your way to the moon."

This is one thing that is true and accurate because the contract was already awarded for SpaceX to create the HLS or human lander system for the Artemis mission, where their prototype and setup were most preferred by NASA. 

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Jeff Bezos's Dispute Against NASA

According to CNET, Blue Origin has not commented on this statement by Musk and has remained silent for now, especially as the lawsuit is ongoing.

That being said, Bezos and Blue's dispute with NASA is a massive one for them, as they have offered to cover for missing funds that they need to pay SpaceX for the lander. The only condition was to transfer the HLS contract to them, which NASA did not do. 

SpaceX vs. Blue Origin

SpaceX and Blue Origin have had a massive dispute in the online world, but one thing is sure here, and that is SpaceX having more missions and partnerships compared to that of the rising company for space. SpaceX has proven itself in the numerous contracts and space missions that it has been on, especially with a massive partnership with NASA

Not only is SpaceX a trusted companion by NASA, but it also proved that its spacecraft and prototypes are practical as it offers a cost-effective answer to being reused and limiting the space junk it would cause. 

On the other hand, Blue Origin is a company aiming to debut their name, technology, designs, and innovations in the space industry. Last July, it has successfully reached orbit with passengers, including Bezos himself.  

That being said, comparing both companies would only show a clear winner in terms of trust and years it has been in service, not to mention the clients it had in the past. Moreover, this only shows that Blue needs more missions to prove itself, before it can be a "rival" to SpaceX, or go as far as a lawsuit for a venture that was deliberated by NASA. 

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