Starbucks Will Block Porn On In-Store Wi-Fi Starting Next Year

No more watching porn while using Starbucks’ Wi-Fi, the company has confirmed. Starting next year, a content filter will prevent anyone from accessing pornographic material while connected to the coffee chain’s network.

Tech November 30, 2018

How To Share Instagram Stories To A 'Close Friends' List Only

Instagram users can now share their stories with a more close group of people. A response to the rising popularity of Finstagrams, the feature is available now on Android and iOS.

Tech November 30, 2018

YouTube Stories Rolling Out To More Creators: How Is It Different From Instagram, Facebook?

More creators will be able to use YouTube Stories moving forward. Pretty soon, users with 10,000 or more subscribers will be able to take advantage of YouTube’s own take on the popular Stories format.

Tech November 30, 2018

Android Auto Update: Playing Music, Sending Messages Now Made Much Easier

Worried about playing music or responding to texts in your car? Don’t, because Google is making them much easier. Android Auto will soon get a much-needed update that makes these things less distracting.

Tech November 30, 2018

Dell Resets All Customer Passwords After It Detected A Cyber Attack Of Its Network

Dell reset all customer account passwords on its online electronics store after it had detected and disrupted an attempted hack of its network. What customer data were the hackers trying to extract?

Tech November 29, 2018

The Nubia Red Magic Mars Is A Phone With More RAM Than Your Computer

Just how much RAM does a phone need? Nubia thinks 8 GB isn’t enough. So it’s releasing the Red Magic Mars this December, which comes with a whopping 10 GB of memory.

Tech November 28, 2018

Instagram Now Identifies Objects And Describes Them For Visually Impaired Users

Visually impaired users will now have a better Instagram experience. The app now incorporates object recognition technology to automatically describe what’s in a photo, and users can also input their custom descriptions to provide more details.

Tech November 28, 2018

Apple Faces Yet Another Lawsuit Over MacBooks, iMacs: What To Know About Dust Filters

Apple is hit with lawsuit just months after taking the legal spotlight for faulty MacBook keyboards. Now, a firm alleges the company failed to install air and dust filters on its machines, which has led to display and performance woes.

Tech November 28, 2018

Google Reportedly Bringing Project Fi To Samsung, OnePlus, And iPhones: Report

Good news, Project Fi fans: expect Project Fi to support more phones going forward. Google is apparently adding Samsung, OnePlus, and Apple to the list of Fi-capable handsets.

Tech November 28, 2018

YouTube Originals To Be Free With Ads Starting Next Year, No Need For YouTube Premium

YouTube wants more people to watch its original content, which is why it’s going to make them available to stream for free starting next year. Expect ads, of course.

Tech November 28, 2018

Apple Raises Trade-In Credit Toward A New iPhone XS Or iPhone XR

For those dropping off their old iPhones for a new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, or iPhone XR, now is the perfect time. Apple just increased trade-in credit for a slew of devices as part of its GiveBack program.

Tech November 28, 2018

Say Goodbye To Those Pesky YouTube Annotations For Good

YouTube is going to clear out all existing annotations for good. They never really worked that well on mobile, so the news doesn’t come as a surprise.

Tech November 27, 2018

Huawei, Not Samsung, Could Be The First To Release A Screen Hole Design

Say goodbye to the notch and hello to the screen hole. Huawei is reportedly going to release the first phone to incorporate a screen hole design instead of a notch this December.

Tech November 26, 2018

Old Facebook Messages Resurface, Making Everyone Cringe. Facebook Confirms A Fix Is Coming

It seems a bug is causing old messages to reappear as new ones on Facebook. Facebook has acknowledged the issue and says it’s working to fix it.

Tech November 26, 2018

Google Play Store Apps Found To Have Malware, Were Downloaded 500,000 Times: Report

Once again, someone discovers apps infested with malware inside the Google Play Store. Worse yet, some of those apps were able to reach the trending chart undetected.

Tech November 25, 2018

Samsung Just Released A White Galaxy Note 9, But You Can’t Have It

Not since 2015 has Samsung ever released a white version of its latest flagship. That changes with this white Galaxy Note 9, made specifically for Taiwan.

Tech November 23, 2018

Black Friday Deal: Get A Google Pixel 3 From Best Buy At $400 Off

You can now get the Pixel 3 from Best Buy at half price. The retailer is offering a $400 discount on one of this year’s best smartphones as part of Black Friday.

Tech November 23, 2018

Apple Continues iPhone X Production Due To Weak iPhone XS Sales: Report

Apple is going to produce iPhone X units again after halting them when the latest iPhones were announced this past September. The iPhone XR is going to have a price cut, as well.

Tech November 23, 2018

Futuristic Plane Equipped With Ion Drive And No Moving Parts Takes Flight In MIT Lab

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has successfully launched a battery-operated prototype that flew quietly without any moving parts. It was heavily inspired by the spacecraft in the film 'Star Trek.'

Tech November 22, 2018

Rumor: iPhone eSIM And Dual SIM Support Coming To Verizon In December

Verizon might reopen eSIM activations for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR this December. According to a leaked internal memo, the carrier is ready to offer dual SIM support once again following a software snag.

Tech November 22, 2018

Apple Might Release A Cheaper Dongle Similar To Google Chromecast

Apple wants to bring its forthcoming streaming platform to as many eyes as possible. Releasing a Chromecast-style streaming stick that’s cheaper than an Apple TV might just do the trick.

Tech November 22, 2018

Study: Smart Car Technologies Save Drivers $6.2 Billion On Fuel Costs Each Year

Study: Smart car technologies save drivers $6.2 billion on fuel costs each year

Tech November 20, 2018

Facebook, Instagram Are Down And The Internet Goes Crazy

Facebook and Instagram experienced outages Tuesday morning, bringing internet to a grinding halt.

Tech November 20, 2018

Study: Healthcare Providers — Not Hackers — Leak More Of Your Data

Study: Healthcare providers — not hackers — leak more of your data

Tech November 19, 2018

Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene To Be Replaced By Former Oracle Exec Thomas Kurian

Google Cloud CEO Diane Greene to be replaced by former Oracle exec Thomas Kurian.

Tech November 17, 2018

Huawei Aiming To Catch Up Samsung By 2020 In Smartphone Market

Huawei Aiming To Catch Up Samsung By 2020 In Smartphone Market

Tech November 16, 2018

The Sharp Aquos R2 Compact Has Two Notches For Some Reason

Sharp’s latest phone will probably make a lot of people angry. Meet the Aquos R2 Compact, the very first phone to sport not one, but two notches.

Tech November 15, 2018

YouTube Announces Support For Virtual Reality Adding The Oculus Go

YouTube announces support for virtual reality adding the Oculus Go.

Tech November 15, 2018

Google Confirms Fix For Disappearing Texts On Pixel 3

If text messages are suddenly disappearing from your Pixel 3, don’t worry. Google says a fix is coming soon, although it has yet to explain exactly why it’s occurring.

Tech November 14, 2018

Essential Will Put A Headphone Jack On Your Phone With Its $149 Dongle

Essential is now selling what’s perhaps the most expensive headphone jack ever. The peripheral is a magnetic module that snaps on the back of an Essential Phone to give it studio-quality audio.

Tech November 14, 2018

Spotify Finally Arrives On Apple Watch, With Missing Features

Spotify finally comes to Apple Watch. However, expect to be disappointed with its lack of basic features, such as the ability to store tracks for offline playback.

Tech November 14, 2018

New Details On The Samsung Foldable Phone: Name, Release Date, And Pricing

Everyone is talking about Samsung’s just-unveiled foldable Galaxy phone. However, there’s still no crucial details available, like a name, release date, and price. Until now, that is.

Tech November 13, 2018

OnePlus Thunder Purple Edition Arrives This Nov. 15: Specs, Pricing, And More

The Thunder Purple edition of the OnePlus 6T is going to be released in the United States on Nov. 15. It doesn’t come with any extra features, though.

Tech November 13, 2018

iPhone X, MacBook Pro Hardware Issues Confirmed, Apple Offering Free Repairs

Apple is offering free repairs for MacBook Pro and iPhone X units with hardware issues. If your MacBook Pro has a failed solid state drive or if your iPhone X has a misbehaving display, send it to Apple stat.

Tech November 12, 2018

Facebook Launches Its Own Version Of TikTok Called Lasso

Facebook just released a new app similar to TikTok. Lasso, available now on iOS and Android, might be Facebook’s latest attempt to win back teenagers.

Tech November 10, 2018

Amazon Will Finally Sell Apple Products Directly, But Not All Of Them

Apple will soon sell its products on Amazon directly. Beginning January, only Apple and authorized resellers will be allowed to sell Apple products on the store.

Tech November 10, 2018

Vine Successor Finally Launching In Spring 2019

The official sequel to Vine, called Byte, is officially coming in spring 2019. Vine co-creator Dom Hofmann just shared the official release date, along with a logo, on Twitter, calling it a ‘looping video app.’

Tech November 9, 2018

Here's Why You Should Turn On Dark Mode If It’s Available, According To Google

Dark Mode saves battery life. According to Google, toggling a darker theme on OLED smartphones will promptly extend their juice, and it has significant proof to back such claims up.

Tech November 9, 2018

New ‘Unsend’ Feature On Facebook Will Finally Let You Delete Messages — Here’s The Catch

Facebook users might finally be allowed to unsend messages. The company is apparently close to rolling the feature out, per the latest release notes of Messenger for iOS.

Tech November 8, 2018

Google Pixel Slate Now Available For Preorder, But Should You?

Customers can now preorder the Google Pixel Slate. It’s arguably the best tablet Google has ever produced, and it runs Chrome OS instead of Android.

Tech November 7, 2018

Prepaid Unlimited Plan From Verizon Is Now Cheaper, But There’s A Catch

Verizon just updated the pricing of its unlimited plans. Users can now pay just $70 for the plan, with an extra $5 discount if they set up autopay.

Tech November 7, 2018

Rumor: Samsung To Reveal Foldable Phone This Week Called ‘Galaxy F’

Samsung is poised to unveil its foldable phone as soon as this week. Though a full unveiling is unlikely, the company is apparently going to announce preliminary details during its annual Samsung Developer Conference.

Tech November 6, 2018

Google Chrome Will Soon Block Abusive Ads: Here’s What That Means For You

Chrome 71 will block ads on websites that serve abusive ad experiences. The update is part of Google’s longstanding fight against terrible internet experiences because of ads.

Tech November 6, 2018

Motorola One Is An Android One Phone With A Notch For $399

Motorola is releasing its latest Android One handset stateside. The Motorola One arrives Nov. 11 with a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, a respectable battery, and a set of cameras.

Tech November 4, 2018

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