There Could Be Thousands Of Unconfirmed Near-Earth Objects According To Scientists

Scientists estimated that there could be thousands of near-Earth objects that are left unconfirmed. The team called for concerned agencies to devise a method that could ensure timely detection of NEOs that could potentially hit Earth.

by Athena Yenko


New Flu Vaccine Works Better Than Typical Flu Shot, But Only A Little

The United States is trying to create a new kind of vaccine that works better in protecting people against influenza. Flucelvax, a vaccine made in cell cultures instead of chicken eggs, could be the answer.

by Carl Velasco

Public Health

Belmont Park Worker's Death Possibly Caused By Rare Hantavirus, Should Visitors Worry?

The death of a Belmont Park worker is suspected to be caused by the rare hantavirus. The New York Racing Association assures the public that the incident will not affect public visiting at the park.

by Athena Chan

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Star Wars Spinoffs Allegedly Put On Hold After ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Disappoints At Box Office

Following reports saying nine 'Star Wars' films are in development, it turns out Disney and Lucasfilm might be rethinking their plans for the series. For now, sources say planned 'A Star Wars Story' spinoffs have been put on hold.

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