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Odyssey Toys’ Pocket Drone Collapses For Maximum Portability

Odyssey's new Pocket drone isn't just affordable, it's also designed for easy portability.

Robotics January 6, 2016

Martian Launches A Line Of Smartwatches And Jewelry For Women

Martian has female consumers in mind with its new line of smartwatches and connected jewelry.

Smartphones January 6, 2016

The Philips Izzy Is A Multiroom Wireless Speaker System That Requires Minimal Setup

Gibson has just unveiled the Izzy, a wireless speaker system that avoids a messy setup.

Audio January 6, 2016

Fisher Price Made an Adorable Robotic Caterpillar Toy to Teach Kids Coding

The preschool toy designer introduces the world's cutest coding tool.

Gadgets January 6, 2016

Here Are Some Connected Running Shorts

We take a look at a pair of smart shorts designed with high intensity runners in mind.

Wearable Tech January 6, 2016

Hands-On With the $69 Withings Fitness Tracker

We get up close with the new super cheap fitness tracker from Withings.

January 5, 2016

Hands-On With ZTE’s $130 Smartphone

Of contract. That's crazy cheap.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 5, 2016

Levl Claims To Know How Much Fat You're Burning Based On Your Breath

Blow into a vial and it'll tell you if that workout is working out.

Gadgets January 5, 2016

Trying Out HTC's Vive Virtual Reality Headset With a Little Help From a Giant Whale

We take HTC's impressive new VR headset for a spin.

Wearable Tech January 5, 2016

Securifi Debuts The Almond 3 Touchscreen Router, Featuring Improved Speed And Home Security

Securifi's touch-screen router isn't just faster, it also features a built-in home security system.

Smart Home January 5, 2016

Withings Go Offers Activity And Sleep Tracking For $69

With the Go, Withings is making an activity and sleep-tracking monitor available at an affordable price.

Health Tech January 5, 2016

Eyes-On With Sony’s New Vinyl to PC Turntable

Sony Drops a surprise turntable in amongst all of the HD TV and cameras at this year's pre-CES press conference.

Gadgets January 5, 2016

Sony’s Ultra 4K Is A Netflix-Like Streaming Service For Ultra High Definition Content

Sony announces a new streaming service for 4K video.

Apps/Software January 5, 2016

Sony Intros a Turntable and a Number of Hi-Res Audio Devices

Sony brings its hi-res audio offering to a number of products, including a vinyl turntable.

Gadgets January 5, 2016

Sony Intros A 4K Camcorder For Under $1,000

Sony introduces a portable and affordable 4K camcorder.

Gadgets January 5, 2016

Ultimaker Extends Its 3D Printer Line With Two Upgraded Models

Ultimaker’s line of 3D printers got some additions announced at CES 2016.

Computers January 5, 2016

SanDisk’s Rugged New Portable SSD Puts The Hard Back In Hard Drive

SanDisk's new Extreme 510 Portable SSD is a hard drive designed to take a beating.

Computers January 5, 2016

Samsung Goes Pro With A 12-Inch Windows Tablet

The Galaxy TabPro S is a Windows slate with the iPad Pro firmly in its sights.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 5, 2016

Samsung Shows off the Family Hub Refrigerator, A Connected Fridge With a Giant Touchscreen

Samsung's got a fancy new connected fridge for 2016.

Gadgets January 5, 2016

Samsung Brings iOS Compatibility to its Gear S2 Watch, Adds Two New 'Classic' Versions

Samsung has a couple of wearable surprises up its sleeve at this year's CES.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 5, 2016

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