Obama Talks Retirement With David Letterman During 'Late Show' Guesting [Video]

President Barack Obama and talk show host David Letterman spend one last time together on national TV before Letterman leaves his popular late-night gig.

Movies/TV Shows May 5, 2015

Internet Pioneer Vint Cerf Speaks Out About IoT And Pitfalls Of Encryption 'Back Doors'

The Father of the Internet is pushing users and website operators to move onto the latest IP address form, IPv6 and pushing back against federal agencies that contend they should have a backdoor to websites for investigative needs.

Internet May 5, 2015

Samsonite Partners With Samsung To Create Smart Luggage: No More Lost Luggage

Two industry leaders, Samsonite and Samsung, hope to make lost luggage a thing of the past. The idea will use GPS and a computer chip to keep track of luggage.

Gadgets May 5, 2015

Facebook Opens To Developers: How Can You Participate

Facebook wants to bring the Internet to emerging and rural areas, such as India, and hopes developers get on board to help. There are, however, some rules to follow.

Internet May 4, 2015

Media Center Not Coming To Windows 10

Microsoft decides to eliminate Windows Media Center from its upcoming Windows 10 OS citing it was past its prime and not worth the money to include and not a big feature with users any longer. But not everyone is happy about the news.

Apps/Software May 4, 2015

10 Million: Number Of Dust Mites Sharing The Bed With You

Bed and dust mites may be the reason you're sniffling from what you may think are allergies. But it could be "sick bed syndrome" and while not lethal, it's clearly not healthy.

Life May 3, 2015

AT&T, CenturyLink And Other Telecom Industry Groups Seek To Block Reclassification Of Broadband Internet

As expected, the federal government's move to reclassify the Internet isn't going to happen without legal challenges and the first throw-down is coming from two big names and a group of supporting players in the telecom industry.

Internet May 3, 2015

Mozilla Makes New Firefox Features Available Only To HTTPS Sites: Good Move But A Premature One

Mozilla is taking Internet security seriously with some bold steps that could prove a boon in gaining user base.

Geek May 3, 2015

Reason Why Microsoft Bought Minecraft: HoloLens

Microsoft's intentions regarding its $2.5 billion acquisition of 'Minecraft' are coming into clear focus. So is its rapid development of HoloLens, a virtual augmented reality headset it's hoping puts competitors in its 3D dust.

Business May 2, 2015

German Magazine Vangardist Prints Cover Using HIV-Positive Blood

The conversation now surrounding the 'Vangardist' is not about eliminating the deadly AIDS/HIV virus as much as it is about the provocative publishing approach.

Life May 2, 2015

Cal Tech Tops New College Superstar Ranking That Put Value-Added Factor On Spotlight

When it comes to which graduates are making the most money after college, you may just be surprised which higher education institutions are beating the Ivy Leagues.

Internet Culture May 2, 2015

Internet Archive Lets You Play Classic MS-DOS Games In Your Tweets

Twitter is now a file sharing way to play those fun games of old courtesy of the Internet Archive. It isn't exactly perfect or mobile-friendly right now, but it is a cool way to play those games that used to devour your nights.

Video Games May 2, 2015

ACLU of California Outs Mobile App That Records Encounters With Police [Video]

California residents are the latest citizens to be provided the ACLU app for the video recording of police and law enforcement actions and interactions with citizens. Privacy issues are, however, under debate.

Internet Culture May 1, 2015

Augmented Reality Horror Game 'Night Terrors': It's Scary, It's Cool And It Just Landed On Indiegogo

A new augmented reality horror game is getting big funding support on Indiegogo. 'Night Terrors' promises to be a game of your worst nightmare.

Video Games May 1, 2015

Flakka To Blame For Bizarre Incidents In Florida: Things To Know About This Synthetic Drug

The latest drug that has law enforcement and health officials worried is Flakka, which can cause irrational behavior and is viewed as a second generation bath salt. It can be snorted, injected or swallowed.

Internet Culture April 30, 2015

Smart Pedal, Bane Of Bike Thieves, Exceeds Crowdfunding Target On Indiegogo In 24 Hours

Connected Cycle is putting pedal to the metal in developing both an anti-theft system as well as bike trek monitoring system. In three days it has nearly raised double its needed initial funding and is now aiming for its stretch goal.

Gadgets April 30, 2015

What Will Tesla Unveil? What's Elon Musk's 'Missing Piece'?

Tesla is expected to debut a next-generation battery that can house solar and wind energy, and do much more than just power one of its sporty electric cars.

FUTURE TECH April 30, 2015

Shhh....Anonymous Sharing App Secret Is Shutting Down: Here's Why

David Byttow, whose app 'Secret' allows netizens to share secrets anonymously, has decided to shutter his company and will be returning the remaining capital to investors.

Business April 30, 2015

Jessica Alba: From Teen Star To Tough Boss Of The Honest Company

Jessica Alba is proving an actor can make it as a corporate chief, but she's also now learning to tone her management style down a bit these days.

Movies/TV Shows April 29, 2015

Twitter Stock Dives After Earnings Report Leak Early: Here Are The Details

Will Twitter ever be able to develop a strong monetizing strategy? Analysts are questioning corporate management at this point.

Money April 29, 2015

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