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If You Love Old Android Apps, Android P Doesn't

Documents for the developer build of Android P confirmed that older Google Play Store apps will be blocked. The notes listed that the minimum requirement should be compatibility with Android Jellybean 4.2 or higher.


Galaxy S9 Is Struggling Against The S8 In South Korea: Here's Probably Why

A new report revealed that the market performance of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is struggling in its home country of South Korea. Surprisingly, its sales are lower than that of the Galaxy s8 for several reasons.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 19, 2018

Warriors Orochi 4 Is Official, And It's Heading To The US In 2018

Koei Tecmo surprised its western fans with a new trailer for 'Warriors Orochi 4.' The trailer confirms that the new installment will get an English release in 2018 as well.

Video Games March 19, 2018

Rare's Reddit AMA For 'Sea Of Thieves': Here Are The Biggest Takeaways

Rare invited its fans to participate in their most recent Reddit AMA for 'Sea of Thieves' as its launch draws closer. Based on some of the answers given by members of the development team, the game seems to have been rushed to meet its release schedule.

Video Games March 19, 2018

Minit Is The Adventure Game That Lets You Play Only A Minute At A Time

A new game called 'Minit' lets players go on adventures that only last a minute. Progress is reportedly saved each time the player respawns along with the items, secrets, and others already discovered.

Video Games March 17, 2018

Intel Reveals Its Plans To Fix Spectre And Meltdown Issues

According to Intel's latest report, it distributed all of the software fixes to combat Spectre and Meltdown. The company confirmed that its next batch of processors will integrate security measures.

Computers March 16, 2018

2019 Kia Sorento Gets A Starting Price Of $25,990

The latest Kia Sorrento is Priced at $25,990 for the base model, as revealed by the manufacturer. The 2019 version comes with several trim options that can be customized upon order.

Car Tech March 16, 2018

Facebook Search Bar's Autocomplete Results Isn't Safe For Work

Several Facebook users posted their displeasure with the platform's search bar autocomplete results. According to reports, what comes up are words that are apparently offensive and not safe for work.

Viral March 16, 2018

Chucklefish's Magic School Sim Gets A Name, And It's 'WitchBrook'

Chucklefish tweeted the official name of 'Project Spellbound' and a screenshot of its gameplay. The PC simulation RPG game is reportedly now called 'Witchbrook.'

Video Games March 16, 2018

Google Experiments With Light Fields For A More Realistic Virtual Reality Experience

The importance of realism when it comes to virtual reality has long been established. Google wants to take it even further with its light fields research to reproduce proper reflections and more into the VR space.

Google March 16, 2018

Essential PH-1 Android 8.1 Oreo Update Is Now Available

After several delays, the company finally released the Android 8.1 Oreo for the Essential Phone PH-1. The new firmware fixes some known issues and adds multiple features and improvements.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 15, 2018

Capital Wasteland Project Canceled: 'Fallout 3' In 'Fallout 4' Mod Not Happening

Fans excited about the unofficial 'Fallout 3' remake in 'Fallout 4' would be saddened to know that it has been canceled. The project lead for 'Capital Wasteland' cited legal issues as the main reason for its demise.

Video Games March 15, 2018

SteamVR's Auto-Resolution Feature To Adjust VR Experience To Your GPU

Valve confirmed that SteamVR will feature an auto-resolution option for users. The setting will automatically detect the GPU's capability and adjust the VR headset's resolution accordingly.

Apps/Software March 15, 2018

AI Behind Google Pixel 2's Portrait Mode Becomes Open-Source Code

Google recently confirmed via its research blog that the software behind the Pixel 2's portrait mode is now available to the public. The open-source code is intended to help developers improve the framework and more.

Google March 15, 2018

Ecobee's Switch+ Lets You Bring Alexa To Your Light Switch

Ecboo finally debuted its Switch+, which costs $99 and is available for preorder now. The product features voice controls with Amazon Alexa technology onboard.

Smart Home March 14, 2018

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Final DLC Goes Live, Features 'The Deeds Of Captain Wilkins'

Bethesda released the last DLC for 'Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' on all platforms. 'The Deeds of Captain Wilkins' features new weapons, enemies, and more.

Video Games March 14, 2018

Firefox 59 Now Lets You Block Those Irritating Site Notification Requests

Mozilla posted the details of the changes made for Firefox version 59. The update gives users control over site notification prompts along with other improvements.

Internet March 14, 2018

Xbox One To Get Auto Low Latency Mode, AMD Freesync Support: What This Means For You

The Xbox One S and Xbox One X are slated to receive the spring update soon. The patch will apparently enable AMD Freesync support and Auto Low Latency Mode among others.

Video Games March 14, 2018

New Ford Mustang GT California Special Joins The Carmaker's 2019 Lineup

Ford presented another Mustang model that will be included in its 2019 catalog. The 2019 Mustang GT California Special receives the latest makeover and technology to make an American sports car contender this year.

Car Tech March 14, 2018

Here's What Steve Jobs's 1973 Job Application Looks Like

An online auction posted a job application form submitted by Steve Jobs in 1973. The document is reportedly an authentic piece of tech history related to Apple's growth in the industry.

Apple March 14, 2018

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