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SculptrVR For PlayStation VR Available Starting June 19

PlayStation VR owners are slated to get a new application for creating 3D artwork. 'SculptrVR' offers users an intuitive tool to design and manipulate sculptures in virtual reality.

Video Games

Galaxy Note 9 Will Sport Bigger Battery: Rumor

Insider information on the Galaxy Note 9 suggested more upgrades in the pipeline. One of its notable changes involve the battery capacity of the upcoming flagship phablet, which is rumored to be 4,000 mAh

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech

World Of Warcraft Classic Will Focus On Patch 1.12: Drums Of War

After a long period without any updates, Blizzard Entertainment confirmed new details about 'World of Warcraft Classic.' The vanilla rework of the popular MMORPG will include all content up until Patch 1.12.

Video Games

BMW Unveils New 8 Series Coupe: 4.4L V8 Engine, 523HP, 0-60MPH In 3.6 Seconds

The upcoming 8 Series Coupe is scheduled to return to the U. S. market this year. BMW revealed its specifications and estimated launch date, which could be sometime this fall.

Car Tech June 16, 2018

AT&T Offers iPhone X BOGO Deal For Father's Day Weekend

AT&T confirmed its Father's Day weekend promotion that will run until June 19. The new Buy One Get One offer includes the iPhone X, which can be irresistible to many buyers.

Apple June 16, 2018

Your Google Pixelbook Could Soon Run Windows 10

Insiders claim the Google Pixelbook is slated to receive an upgrade that allows it to dual-boot operating systems. Development documents reveal that the machine will undergo certification from Microsoft and soon run Windows 10.

Computers June 15, 2018

Reggie Fils-Aime Explains Why ‘Metroid Prime 4’ Was A No-Show At Nintendo’s E3 2018 Presentation

Fans were mostly disappointed during the E3 2018 show due to the small number of announcements. Nintendo failed to reveal anything new about 'Metroid Prime 4' but did so for a specific reason.

Video Games June 15, 2018

Google Home Can Now Perform 3 Commands At The Same Time: Here’s How

A new update slated for Google Home devices enhances some of its core features. Users can now issue up to three commands at a time, which improves its multitasking capabilities.

Google June 14, 2018

E3 2018: ‘Super Mario Party’ Links Nintendo Switches Together To Create Unique Play Style

A new feature of the Nintendo Switch was revealed at E3 2018. A trailer for 'Super Mario Party' previews a new way to link connect two consoles for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Video Games June 14, 2018

Your Amazon Echo And Kindle Might Have Been Made By Abused Chinese Workers

An investigation revealed that Amazon's Chinese factories had poor working conditions for its employees. It was discovered that several labor laws have been violated, workers lacked safety training and more.

Business Tech June 14, 2018

Bitcoin Tumbles To Three-Month Low Following Coinrail Hack

A new attack on a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange caused the value of Bitcoin to drop. Coinrail confirmed that it was hacked but did not specify the exact value of what was stolen.

Business Tech June 14, 2018

Bethesda Jokes About Skyrim On Alexa And Here's What's Crazy — It's Real

Bethesda delivered a big surprise during its E3 2018 presentation when it announced a game made for Amazon's Alexa. Most people thought 'Skyrim: Very Special Edition' was a joke, but it appears to be a working game that is available now.

Video Games June 13, 2018

Fallout 76 Bigger Than Fallout 4: Release Date, Game Details, And More

Bethesda finally unveiled its latest entry to the 'Fallout' series during its E3 2018 presentation. 'Fallout 76' will launch later this year and will be an online-only experience with multiplayer options and more.

Video Games June 13, 2018

Best Sound Bars 2018: Sonos Playbar, Vizio SB3621, Samsung HW-MS650, And More

Audio experts have noticed that newer TVs are much thinner than before and lack clarity. Sound bars are the go-to options in order to improve the audio output of most televisions.

Gadgets June 12, 2018

Best Action Cameras 2018: GoPro Hero6 Black, Yi 4K+, Sony RX10, And More

Surveys confirmed that the latest trend shows the increased popularity of action cameras. Brands such as Sony, GoPro, Olympus, Garmin, and more are listed based on consumer feedback and features.

Gadgets June 11, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Protective Case Show Position Of Fingerprint Sensor, Other Physical Buttons

Images of the protective case designs for the Galaxy Note 9 were leaked on Twitter. The photos reveal several interesting features about the upcoming phablet as well as the potential placement of its components.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 10, 2018

New Images Hint Pixel 3 May Get Wireless Charging

A user who shared several images of the Google Pixel 3 suggests that wireless charging could be included. Sources claim that the upcoming smartphone will have an all-glass rear panel to support the feature.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 10, 2018

Just Like With The iPhone, The Apple Watch Will Get Touch-Sensitive Solid State Buttons

A company insider hinted that there is a new Apple Watch which is currently in development. The new wearable will use digital components with haptic feedback instead of physical buttons.

Apple June 10, 2018

US Has World's Fastest Supercomputer Again: IBM's Summit Can Do 200 Quadrillion Calculations Per Second

With the capability to do 200 quadrillion calculations per second, the Summit supercomputer unseated the competition to grab first place. The machine made by IBM, together with other companies, is currently rated as the world's fastest system.

Computers June 9, 2018

The Sony RX100 VI Compact Camera Sports A Gigantic Zoom Lens

Sony unveiled the next model for its RX100 compact camera lineup. The RX100 VI boasts a 24-200mm zoom lens coupled with several new features and more.

Gadgets June 7, 2018

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