Public Health

New Blood Test Can Detect 8 Types Of Cancer, Study Says

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University have come up with a blood test that can apparently detect eight common types of cancer. They aim to release an annual test to aid people in the early detection of the disease.

by Carl Velasco

Public Health

Flu Virus Can Spread Simply By Breathing: Study

Current measures observed to prevent the spread of flu are no longer enough. In a new study, scientists found that influenza can be spread through the air even if infected people do not sneeze or cough.

by Charmagne Nojas


Does Tamiflu Cause Hallucinations? 11-Year-Old Saw 'Portal To Hell' After Taking It

Does Tamiflu really have psychiatric side effects? An 11-year-old's hallucination of the portal to hell is just one of the growing numbers of Tamiflu-related hallucination reports.

by Athena Chan

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