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Complementary Therapies May Increase Risk Of Early Death In Cancer Patients

Patients with breast, prostate, lung or colorectal cancer who received complementary therapies are more likely to refuse standard treatment such as chemotherapy and surgery. They also have a higher risk of early death.

by Allan Adamson

Public Health

Salmonella Outbreak In 26 States Linked To Raw Turkey

A salmonella outbreak that sickened 90 people in 26 states has been linked to raw turkey. The CDC said that two of the infected patients live in homes where raw turkey were given as pet food.

by Allan Adamson

Public Health

Wild Parsnip Causes Serious Burns And Blisters On Vermont Woman's Legs

After the giant hogweed, there is another invasive plant that people might have to watch out for to avoid serious burns. A Vermont woman shares her experience with wild parsnip to warn the public of its potential dangers.

by Athena Chan

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Joker Movie Starring Joaquin Phoenix Now Has A Release Date And Official Title

'Joker' is coming to theaters in October next year. The film will be an examination of the villain’s struggles, with Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix playing the troubled and terrifying DC Comics character.

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