Public Health

Multistate Bacteria Outbreak Linked To Fresh Crab Meat From Venezuela

The CDC, FDA, and several local health departments issued a warning against possibly contaminated fresh crab meat imported from Venezuela. There had been cases of people getting sick and hospitalized due to the product under investigation.

by Athena Yenko


FDA Recalls Common High Blood Pressure Drug With Valsartan Due To Cancer-Causing Ingredient

FDA announced a voluntary recall of common heart drug with active ingredient valsartan. The announcement was made a week after 22 countries had conducted their separate recalls of the same valsartan products.

by Athena Yenko

Public Health

Virginia Teen Suffers Third-Degree Burns From Giant Invasive Weed While Gardening

A teen from Virginia had to be treated for severe burns after an encounter with the noxious giant hogweed. The plant was introduced to the United States as an ornamental plant but has since become invasive.

by Athena Chan

Android P Name May Have Been Leaked By Huawei

A Huawei customer service representative in Poland may have leaked the Android P name, which has been kept under wraps. Android P is expected to be released in several weeks, but the Android P name speculation will likely not stop.

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