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Sedentary Lifestyle Worse For Health And Mortality Than Smoking, Heart Disease, And Diabetes: Study

A new study links cardiac fitness to a person's chances of living a long life. Researchers surmise that not exercising is essentially worse for health and mortality than risk factors such as smoking and heart disease.

by Athena Chan

Moving Location Of Fruit And Vegetables Can Lead To 15 Percent Sales Increase

A new research by Warwick Medical School/the University of Warwick suggests that a simple 'nudge' can lead to healthier diets for young adults.


Simple Stickers May Save Lives Of Patients, Athletes And Lower Medical Costs

Purdue University researchers have created wearable electronic devices that someone can easily attach to their skin. They can be used to monitor physical activity and alert a wearer about possible health risks in real time.


Samsung 85-Inch 8K TV Now Open For Preorders: Here's The Whopping Price Tag

Samsung's 85-inch 8K TV is now available for preorder, but it comes with a massive price tag. Is buying the TV worth it at such a price, or should interested consumers wait a while before jumping into the 8K bandwagon?

Asteroid Ryugu Landscape Filled With Rocks And Boulders

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency found that the surface of the asteroid Ryugu is rockier than expected with little flat areas to land. It has delayed the planned touchdown of Hayabusa2 to next year.

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Ryan Gosling's Daughters Think Their Father Is An Astronaut

Ryan Gosling’s two children got the wrong idea that he was an astronaut after seeing him shoot a scene for his new movie. Mendes, his partner, has confirmed that they have not corrected the false belief of their children yet.

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